Sit, Down, Off

      Contributed by Susan Skolnick

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      My obedience students will tell you that *this* is my biggest pet peeve. I offer each and every one of my students that if they can prove to me that their dog can do a sit/down I will sign over everything I own in the world to them. So far I have my four dogs and my bank account with $24.99 in it. :-)

      No wonder dogs don't do as they are told. They don't know what the heck is being asked of them!
      Sit means bum on the ground.
      Down means whole body on the ground.
      Off means get your darn paws off of me (or the couch, etc.).
      If you tell your dog to sit/down which is he supposed to obey? If your dog is jumping on you and you tell him to get down, why do you accept their getting off of you and rewarding them for doing that when they are just standing their wagging their tails instead of lying flat on the ground?

      English is a difficult enough language for hooomans to master, don't confuse your dogs with mixed directions.

      Be persistent, be consistent, and make everything you do with your dog fun!

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