Can you count on your Come command to be obeyed?

      Contributed by Susan Skolnick

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      OK, how many times do you call the pooch to you to do something that is, in his eyes, nasty to him. Be honest! Betcha lots of times. If you call your dog to you and insist on not loving him up every time, why in heavens name should he respond to "Fido come"?

      Let me set this scenario up for you. The dog has slipped his lead. You are on a busy road. There is a delightful looking pussycat sitting across the road thumbing his little nose up at your dog. Dog thinks for a split second and heads for the road. You yell "Fido come" and the dog says "not in your life buddy, you're gonna do who knows what to me!!" Dog gets squished by the million ton Mack truck heading down your road.

      Couldn't happen you say!! Oh yes it could if you don't train your dogs that come means the most delightful thing in the world. If you have been using the word "come" to call your dog to you for bad happenings, I strongly suggest that you find another word for "get over here you little darlin" and start using it for only good things. Your dog's life could depend on it!!

      Be persistent, be consistent, and make everything you do with your dog fun!

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