Dogs In Bed

      Contributed by Susan Skolnick

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      Ok I am ready to be crucified on this one, so here goes.

      There is a saying that goes like this:

      "If you treat your dog like a human, he will treat you like a dog!"

      All of my dogs start off their life in a crate beside my bed. This is a wonderful way to bond with your dog as well as to teach him that the crate is a nice safe place. When they are around a 1-1/2 years old they are then given the opportunity to climb into Mum's bed at night.

      As long as they behave they may remain there. If they don't behave guess what, they go back into their nice warm comfy crate beside Mommy's bed for the night.

      There are many dog professionals that do not believe that a dog should *ever* share your bed. All kinds of problems can arise from this. There has been many a husband or wife nailed by the little darlin' of the house when trying to get into bed with their S.O. The advise given on this subject has been 100% correct, there can be *no* tolerance of growling from any dog, in any situation.

      Remember the monster you create is the monster you and others have to live with.

      Be persistent, be consistent, and make everything you do with your dog fun!

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